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Since 2013 SO!APART has been bringing the serviced apartment sector together. Here you can get some impressions and information about the previous events.

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The 2020 SO!APART magazine

Motto: Mixed Thinking is the new mixed-use

The year 2020 has thrown our segment into disarray. We were the high-flyer, got into a spin and are now celebrated as the "Phoenix from the ashes". If we are lucky, we could emerge from the crisis – and be at the beginning of a completely new market sorting.

The 2019 SO!APART magazine

Motto: Big, bigger, visionary

More than 60 % market growth until 2021 in Germany alone is unbelievable and really testifies to visionary, large-scale plans!

The 2018 SO!APART magazine

Motto: Mix & match

Dynamic and ready to embrace new things - for me, this is one of the most striking characteristics of our serviced apartment market at the moment.

The 2017 SO!APART magazine

Motto: Serviced apartments –a self-runner or not?

2017 is a special year, as SO!APART has been a valued meeting place and recognised platform for our segment for five years now. Both have grown up in the meantime..

The 2016 SO!APART magazine

Motto: Serviced apartments: more than a a silver lining on the horizon

This year's SO!APART is entitled "Horizons", because a lot of new things are waiting for us and the prospects are excellent!