The exhibition of the (digital) branch meeting of the serviced apartment world

Serviced apartment offers are successful and have been on the fast lane for years. The figures published in the current Market Report Serviced Apartments 2020, see a secured growth of 50 per cent to over 50,300 units by the end of 2022. Therefore, they are no longer a niche product of the classic hotel industry, but a trend segment that is not only in the focus of guests, but also of investors and developers ... and needs good service providers and suppliers!

The corona virus has also made it clear that innovative and flexible ideas are important for the segment of temporary living. This certainly includes hygiene concepts, suggestions for a contactless and yet safer guest experience - but also things that make temporary living pleasant: Interior design, furniture, lighting, textiles, F&B and much more.

Digitalisation - not only as data processing, but also in access control, guest communication, booking processes and in the apartment itself!


digital laundry room

WeWash is part of the BOSCH Group and makes community washing attractive for everyone. Equip your laundry room with energy-efficient appliances and benefit from free customer support. WeWash is ideal for providers of serviced apartments, micro-apartments and aparthotels..

Your contact:
Mark Koenig, Head of Sales
Mobile: +49 /0)151 40754359
E-mail: mark.koenig@we-wash.com


SAG Smart Access

Whether co-living projects, serviced apartments, co-working spaces or sector-specific mixed forms, the SAG Smart Access solutions for keyless access management from Schulte-Schlagbaum AG can be flexibly configured at any time. This solution is open for a wide range of identification technologies, such as Bluetooth, RFID, PIN code, Time Sensitive Booking Code and many more.

Your contact:
Dirk Heumann, Head of Sales Germany
Business division locking systems for doors and furniture
Mobile: +49 (0) 173 52 33 49 7
E-mail: dirk.heumann@sag-schlagbaum.com
www.sag-smartaccess.com | www.sag-schlagbaum.com

Key & Card

Access solutions

Key & Card AG: Sophisticated access solutions optimised for serviced apartments. By automating process flows and easy-to-use self-checkin solutions, recurring tasks are reduced. At the check-in terminals, guests are authenticated by means of an identity card or reservation number, outstanding invoice amounts are paid and thus access is granted.  With the intelligent networking of the locking system, the system grows with your requirements. At the same time you can perform remote opening with the Mobilkey. System-wide data exchange via interfaces with reservation systems and access solutions.

Your contact:
Helmut Koch, Sales
Mobile: +41 (0)79 767 47 96
E-mail: info@key-card.com

Hygiene! THE topic in corona times and in serviced apartments already relevant before then.


Among the innovative products for the industry is certainly the winner of the Nest of Flamingo 2019:

The RefresherBoxx disinfects, dries and refreshes shoes, sports equipment and textiles of all kinds without the use of chemicals and water. It has both antibacterial and antimycotic effects and can, for example, prevent and stop nail fungus and the transmission of pathogens such as fungi or bacteria, but also SARS-CoV-2 viruses!

None of the technologies used is revolutionary on its own, but when combined in use, they open up a previously unattainable cleaning method and cleaning results. Thus, it can offer a solution to the problems that still exist today in conventional washing machine cleaning, such as suits, dresses, embroidered or printed textiles, garments made of leather, velvet, silk, cashmere or sports equipment, with ease and using environmentally friendly cleaning processes. Where the washing machine reaches its limits, the RefresherBoxx convinces with its unique combination of physical technologies and techniques. Additionally, textiles that are washed in the washing machine can also be cleaned in the RefresherBoxx.

Your contact:
Sing-Hong Stefan Chang, Founder & CEO
Mobile: +49 (0)151 40430591
E-mail: info@refresherboxx.com

What does the guest need in an apartment? A feeling of home! A good living experience! A good interior design with everything that goes with it!

HAWA Sliding Solutions

Sliding technology

Hawa Sliding Solutions has been committed to the development of sliding technology for over 50 years. Together with architects and designers, they have always explored the possibilities of sliding - with a view to contemporary living spaces. Discover how sliding solutions provide more comfort per square metre in the current "micro living" living trend: www.hawa.com/inspiration/microliving.

More about Hawa Sliding Solutions

Light and sun protection © Hawa Sliding Solutions

Your contact:
Marek Bolardt, Area Manager Marketing & Product Management
Telephone: +41 (0)44 787 17 05
Mobile: +41 (0)79 908 10 51
E-mail: marek.bolardt@hawa.com

© Hawa Sliding Solutions

Zehetner Einrichtungen

Furniture management

For more than 30 years, the Zehetner Einrichtungen GmbH has combined state-of-the-art project and furnishing management with extensive competence in the furnishing of properties and equips flats, hotels, restaurants, offices, health and cultural facilities. Zehetner Einrichtungen is an Austrian company operating on a European scale with locations in Vienna and Lower Austria. ZH-Objekt is a one-stop shop for everything from planning to the fully furnished property and covers the entire portfolio of property furnishing, from individual delivery to general contractor.

Joyn QBC 6.2: © MANFRED SODIA Photography

Your contact:
Franz Zehetner, Managing Director
Telephone: +43 (0)2749 4434 0
E-mail: office@zh-objekt.at

Donau Homes: © HOTT Bauträger- und Verwaltungs GmbH

Apartment.Base 4.0

Development platform

Apartment.Base 4.0 as a development platform for the apartment world presents together with Zehetner Objekteinrichtungen, a specialist for student and temporary living, a lift-up bed as an innovative and space-saving possibility to use the smallest space effectively.

Your contacts:
Christoph Gores
Mobile: +49 (0)171 9326805
E-mail: cg@myfsd.de

Joerg Schoenfeld
Mobile: +49 (0)171 7704070
E-mail: js@myfsd.de


The segment of temporary living is diverse - so colourful can be the other ideas that enrich it and make it a little bit better:


Fitness mirror

As an interactive fitness mirror, VAHA offers a wide variety of fitness experiences (strength, cardio, yoga, mediation, etc.) for every requirement - live and interactive - 24/7 on-demand, in live sessions and/or live with digital personal trainer - in privacy and without personnel costs. When switched off, VAHA integrates itself as an elegant full-body mirror in every apartment/hotel room. By the way: VAHA invites you to an interactive energy break at the SO!APART - 7 minutes of exercise prior to the lunch break!

Your contact:
Michael Baas, VAHA Sales Partner
Telephone: +49 (0)2161 466777
Mobile: +49 (0)178 3466777
E-mail: vaha@m-baas.de


Kitchen equipment

LUCHS is a specialist for kitchen equipment for serviced apartments. As a B2B mail order company, LUCHS offers professional services to make it as easy as possible for customers to equip their apartments and businesses with kitchen equipment! As an external service provider, LUCHS undertakes, among other things, the needs analysis and concept creation as well as apartment-specific picking and delivery on the desired date.

Your contact:
Guido Pauw, Managing Director Sales
Telephone: +49 (0)0234 89130-55
Mobile: +49 (0)159 01274352
E-mail: guido.pauw@luchs-direkt.de

Technical solutions and technical building equipment are the foundation for every serviced apartment offer.


digital laundry room

WeWash definitely offers perfect technical solutions for the laundry room.

More about the ideas of WeWash