Mirror, Mirror on the Wall ...

... who or what are the strongest in the temporary living land?

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of SO!APART, we take a look in the mirror with all the players to see where and how far up the segment and its neighbours actually stand after two and a half years of corona up-and-down. Who is doing best with which strategy now and in the future? To what extent are the digital concepts really sprinting away without employee pressure? Who is developing into the largest provider in the German-speaking world and how? And how easily our products cross national borders?   

We also want to look at best practice examples from the financial sector. Because in the meantime we see big differences in financing decisions. Rising construction costs and delivery difficulties are doing the rest. Will the segment still be on the winning track? In order to provide an overview here, our new operator evaluation comes into play, among other things. We will also hold up a mirror to ourselves when it comes to sustainability, as this topic has long been a must in every financing, construction and operation strategy. 

At the SO!APART Awards, we are making the sustainability category a standard category. This together with the best big, small and new. At the 10th SO!APART Awards, all categories are again in the running, just like before the pandemic. And even more: because the boundaries are so fluid, for the first time we are also awarding a prize for the current best residential living-on-a-time concept.

Our mirror is the passionate drivers of temporary living - as always at SO!APART with renowned panelists and speakers who really have something to say.
We are curious to see which assessments and forecasts they and we will mirror and which aspects we consider particularly critical or also confident. We look forward to exchanging ideas with you, the new and established players on the market, the decision-makers from the financial sector, project development and the industry.

Partners of the SO!APART